" D E L L A  R O B B I A Fruits "
" Della Robbia" 's are handmade relief ceramic tiles for the kitchen backsplash. Their slightly uneven edges are charmingly unique. They are available in a matt stony finish designed to accent tumbled marble...or in a glossy finish to accent any of the glossy ceramic tiles on the market today. Because they come in three different sizes ( 2 x 2 - 3 x 3 - 4 x 4 ), they can be combined to fit well in any space. .Be sure to check out our murals and focal points which fit splendidly between the range and hood. Custom colors are available at no added charge.
Plentiful Basket 20 x 26" Summer Harvest 8 x 21"
della robbia ceramic tiles for the backsplash Installation - more - Della Robbia 8 x8 focal point