Helpful Hints
  • Today, there are so many tile choices, it can get overwhelming. At TIMELESS TILES, we do everything we can do to help you decide which look is right for you...and to make sure your project is going to look fantastic! Whether it is large or small, it will receive our full attention....
  • Tell us which designs you prefer and we will make suggestions as how to use them best in YOUR space, to create beautiful results....for twenty-five years, we've been doing just that!...We offer free design service to our timeless tile customers. Just send us your measurements, pictures/sketches, colors, and we will put our twenty year designing experience at your service..!
  • This- is an example of the Measurements we need in order to help you best...In addition, if you have a digital camera, email or mail some photos.
  • We really like to get your colors info as well..fabric swatch, countertop piece, paint chip for instance....
  • If you would like to see a sample of our tile,we can mail it to you within a few days. We will gladly refund the cost, should you decide on something else..Ordering Info.
  • Stony matt ceramic tiles are designed to accent tumbled marble....
  • Therefore, like tumbled marble, they must be sealed with a "stone penetrating sealer" in order to render them non-porous and non-absorbant and easy to clean...We can seal them for a small fee if you prefer. Gloss tiles need not be sealed.
  • Many of our designs are also available in a glossy finish. They need not be sealed. ( You can use glossy accents with tumbled marble too. It can provide extra visual interest ..) Choose gloss over matt if there is not a lot of light in the room ..or if you simply prefer it.!