MEDALLION  DECO   4 x 4" CHATEAU  BORDER 5.5 x 5.5" & Small Border 4 x 4"
Inspired by the old country manors of France, these handmade relief ceramic have the stony matt surface that mixes so well with stone... We will gladly match your stone color. Medallion ceramic tiles come in monochrome or polychrome. Colors are customized to your needs. Use them as a group, framed by our handmade rope trims, to create a splendid focal point. Our small fleur de lys inserts complete the look and give your home that old world charm....



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Medallion polychrome Backsplash - monochrome BacksplashChateau Backsplash - View - View
kitchen backsplash fireplace handmade tiles
Dragonfly polychrome
Goose "4x4" monochrome
Leaf "4x4" monochrome
Bee "4x4" polychrome
Chateau Borders 5.5 x 5.5"
hand-made relief ceramic tiles kitchen backsplash
Fleur de lys rope 5.5x1.25
Frog "4x4" polychrome
Garden angel polychrome
Acorns "4x4" polychrome
Butterfly "4x4" polychrome
Small Medallion Border 4 x 4"
Fleur de Lys 1 x 1" Insert
Grapes "4x4" polychrome
Wheat "4x4" polychrome
Rabbit "4x4" monochrome
Available Designs for the small border are as follow-Goose-dragonfly-Leaf-Bee-Butterfly-Angel-Grapes-Wheat